We boarded our very timid cats for yet another stressful time whilst we were on holiday.

When we returned home we discovered diabetes had been triggered in one of them. Our lives went on hold because of the regularity and timings of the insulin injections. Plus I was the only one in the house who could administer them.

We really did not want to take them back to the cattery as they had clearly suffered too much stress.

By chance I came across Debbie's advert so I contacted her and I am so glad I did.

Debbie came to our house for some ‘dry runs` doing a professional, caring job and she demonstrated how competent she was in giving the insulin injections.

The boys did not run and hide from her and took to her amazingly quickly. The boys needed to be comfortable with her because cats with diabetes must eat at the time of the insulin injection and a stressed cat will not eat. She really did put our minds at rest and we went away overnight for the first time in ages.

We were amazed how good she was with our cats. We were also really pleased she texted to let us know the injections had gone fine at the time of her visits.

We have already booked Debbie's services again and I only wish we had found her earlier!!

K Withers - Broadfield

Leo & Po
Leo & Po