It is important you are happy to leave your cat(s) with us, for the duration of your holiday, so a consultation will be arranged free of charge to enable us to meet you and your furry friends. We will also cat sit for you if you need to go away on business for a short while, or decide you would like a long weekend away.

If your cat is diabetic, we can administer their daily insulin injections. We are happy and confident to offer this service, so that your cat stays well whilst you are away. (Please see our references).

We also administer other medication which may be required on a daily basis.


Please do not compare the service we offer to the service received from a cattery.

Below are some differences and reasons why you should choose Crawley Cats at Home to look after your cat(s) whilst you are away.

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  • We can provide one to one personal & professional care to your cat(s) in the relaxed environment, they are use to their home.
  • No struggling to get your beloved cat(s) into a carrier just to be left on their own in a cage or kennel.
  • Cats are territorial and leave various scent marks to make themselves feel "at home".
  • Have you noticed your cat(s) rubbing against various items in your house, and greeting you by rubbing their heads against you, when they do this they are leaving their own scent marks.
  • For cats, smells are at the top of the list in terms of impact, and the right or wrong scented environment can mean the difference between a very confident and relaxed cat, and one constantly on edge and scared.
  • Catteries will clean their cage or kennels before a new cat uses it, this then provides a sterile environment that your cat(s) can not relate to, together with other cats either side, your cat(s) can become very unhappy and stressed.
  • If your cat isn't happy then neither are we. Let your cat stay at home while you can enjoy your time away.
  • If your cat craves attention and company during the evening, we can offer a true one-to-one service by staying with your cat overnight (see panel on the right or the bottom of the page).

We can discuss any worries or concerns you may have and you can be rest assured that your cat(s) will be carefully looked after, by a genuine cat lover, and by someone who takes the cats welfare very seriously.

Crawley Cats at Home has Public Liability Insurance, is Police Checked and holds a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Key Holders Licence, a legal requirement to hold your keys.

Our vehicles are privately owned and are not sign written, as we do not want to advertise that your property is vacant whilst you are away.

Morning/First Visit (£11 per day, for one cat)

  • Discard old food, clean bowl and provide fresh food
  • Discard old water, clean bowl and provide fresh water
  • Clean and change litter tray (if required)
  • Check that your cat(s) are happy and content
  • Play, pamper and give the cat(s) plenty of TLC!!!
  • Groom (if necessary)

Afternoon/Second Visit (additional £6 per day)

  • This is in addition to the morning visit
  • Discard old food, clean bowl and provide fresh food
  • Discard old water, clean bowl and provide fresh water
  • Check that your cat(s) are happy and content

Overnight Stay (£36 per night)

  • This includes both the afternoon and morning visit
  • Plus the overnight stay with your cat(s)
  • Additional visit per day from £6 (i.e. you are due back home at 10pm, so only the afternoon visit is required, with no overnight stay)
  • Please note space is limited during certain times of the year (see panel on the right or the bottom of the page)

We will also vary the times of the visit(s) to give the impression that the house is not vacant

Other included services

  • Send regular text messages on how your cat(s) are
  • Pick up mail/newspapers or remove from letterbox
  • Please see our prices for full details.